PHS_Chichen Noodle Dinner2019Plymouth High School juniors and seniors, who plan on attending prom this year, can save money on the price of a prom ticket if they take part in a fundraising opportunity going on now. Every year the PHS junior class hosts a homemade chicken noodle carryout dinner! Juniors and seniors can sell prepaid dinner tickets. Each ticket sold will earn the upperclassman a $1 credit off the price of a prom ticket. Chicken noodle dinner tickets cost $7. Each dinners come with chicken noodles, mashed potatoes, and a fresh roll. If paying by checks, checks need to be made out to PHS Junior Class Prom.

Students who sold tickets must turn in all money/checks collected to the PHS front office during lunch hours on Monday, March 4. During this time students will receive their pre-sale dinner tickets so they can distribute the tickets to their buyers. The dinners can be picked up at Plymouth High School by using the front of the school’s horseshoe drive on March 8 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. If you do not know a junior or senior at Plymouth High School and you would like to purchase a chicken noodle dinner ticket, you can contact Sarah Smith, at (574) 276-7932.


News release created by a second year PHSCareer Marketing student.