Plymouth Color Logo2014Last week the Plymouth Common Council held a public hearing for several additional appropriation requests.

Plymouth City Clerk Treasure Jeanine Xaver said the appropriations are in three different sections with three different resolutions.  The first group of additional the city council considered were funds used by the Police Department: Police Federal Equitable Sharing Fund for $1,422; Deferral and Diversion Fund for $8,383; DARE for $554; Drug Free Community Fund for $361; and Crime Prevention/K9 Fund for $361.  Xaver commented that the amount being requested in the first four funds is the cash balance.

The second additional resolution requests include $37,053 for the Unsafe Building Fund.  Xaver said this is the same amount that was appropriated last year.  She said they city hasn’t taken any action on any building for several years but funding will be in place should it be determined action should be taken.  The remainder of the funds addressed in this second resolution is either lease rental bonds or grant funds for that they have already entered into contacts with the state or federal government. This resolution includes additional appropriations for City Building Project Costs $1,793,100; Plymouth Greenway Trail Project for $319,685; Local Road and Bridge Matching Gran Fund for $583,173; and Local Road and bridge Matching Grant for $1,039,000.

The final resolution considered by the City Council includes the Cumulative Capital Development for the Airport Layout Plan in the amount of $231,800.  Xaver said this project is part of a reimbursement grant that the FAA & INDOT.  The FAA will reimburse the city 90% of the allowable costs while the state will reimburse the city 5%.   The second fund on the final resolution is for the Common Cents Fund for $45,000.  This will assist with the lightening projects being proposed by the Street and Park Departments.

The Plymouth Common Council unanimously approved all three additional resolution requests.