local News_2Tuesday evening, members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission (Dan Tyree, Tom Pedavoli, Nancy Felde, Billy Ellinger and Melissa Christiansen) received an updates on the major renovation project in City Hall, the Aquatic Center project, the River Gate South residential project and the Hoham Drive project.

City Attorney, Sean Surrisi told members a project meeting was held on the City Hall project last week and they were told that 60% of the upstairs is complete and Michiana Construction is 40% complete with the downstairs.  Surrisi said drywall will be finished up this week on the upstairs and painting is scheduled to begin next week.  They are also in the process of installing the elevator.

Two change orders were presented for the project, #34 in the amount of $1,947 is to install a new bulkhead in the circular area at the back staircase and #39 in the amount of $402 is an additional for materials and labor to reconfigure a doorway and secondary hallway in the upstairs portion that will make it ADA compliant.  He noted that since it is not a public space it doesn’t have to meet the ADA regulations but the city felt it was the right thing to do.

Plymouth City Engineer Rick Gaul said engineering consultants from Lochmueller Group in South Bend met with city representatives and INDOT for the Hoham Drive improvement project.  The project includes the addition of a center turn lane, curb and gutter work, drainage improvements, sidewalks and intersection improvements at Hoham Drive and Michigan Street and Hoham and Western Avenue.

Gaul said, Lochmueller is starting the design work now and construction isn’t planned until 2023.

The Aquatics Center project has taken another “journey” according the Jerry Chavez, President and CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.  About two weeks ago the plans changed and the swimming facility will be a standalone project at in the future may connect to a hotel.

Chevez said this project started about 7 years ago after the Plymouth Community School Corporation decided to take out their pool.  A grassroots fundraising effort got underway for several years, but results were slow.  About 3 years ago the project received a Regional Cities Initiative grant in the amount of $2 million.  It was noted by the RDC that this project was the “marquee” project in Marshall County because it best transformed the community.  Construction is estimated to being in June or July and will take 13 months to complete.

Just a quick brief on the River Gate South residential project by City Attorney Sean Surrisi.  Surrisi said, “It’s moving along.”  The recent flooding did affect the lower portion of the building at will be the garage area.  No damage was acknowledged and it is suspected at flooding would only cause a slight inconvenience for residents if the river ever got that high again.