Webster_JA Bowling Team 2018Webster Elementary School held a special Pajama and Slipper Day on Friday, March 23 to raise money for the Marshall County Junior Achievement program. Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization funded by the local business community, foundations, individuals and special events.

Junior Achievement provides in-school economic education for over 2,200 students in Marshall County each year.

Principal Carrie McGuire said, “local businesses, community leaders, and parents donate their time working in partnership with our educators to bring JA programs into our classrooms. Webster has had JA in our classrooms for several years.” Webster families were asked to donate $1 for their student to wear pajamas and an additional $1 to wear slippers. All students who made a $2 donation had their names entered into a drawing to be on the five-member Webster student bowling team for this year’s JA Achieve-A-Bowl. The event will take place on Tuesday, May 1 at Quick’s Lanes in Plymouth from 4-5:30 p.m.


Webster students selected are pictures from left to right in the attached photo, Taylonna Shankle (2), Joel Elekani (2), Katie Gilley (2), Destiny Hernandez (1), and Ella Glaub (1).


In total, the Pajama and Slipper Day at Webster raised $382.