County news # 2Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel appeared before the County Commissioners on Monday to discuss the security officer in the County Building.  He said, “In February our security officer took vacation time and it gets more difficult for us to free up one of the other security officers in the court house due to their demands.”  The sheriff continued, “It was brought to my attention employees felt kind of unsecure in the county building.”

Sheriff Hassel said he brought a proposal to the Safety Committee meeting on Thursday that would use off-duty deputies and jail officers who are reserve officers other departments to fill in when there is a day that security is not covered.

The Safety Committee was supportive of the idea and the commissioners placed their support behind the plan too.

Sheriff Hassel will need to approach the County Council next month seeking a $15,000 additional in the overtime budget to pay for the plan.

Hassel said he is looking for a retired police officer who would be capable of doing the job part-time but at this point he doesn’t have any available.  He indicated that it would be cheaper to hire a part-time security officer to assist than paying deputies or jail officers overtime to cover the position.

The commissioners unanimously supported the plan.