County news # 2Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners approved the request of David’s Courage Inc. to make two minor changes in the proposed contract to transfer the Shady Rest facility.

The first request was to drop the requirement that the facility continue to be named “Shady Rest”.  The second request was to drop the requirement concerning state residential care licensing.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners he will amend the contract’s language to require David’s Courage to follow all state and federal regulations and drop the requirement to use the Shady Rest name.

The county commissioners unanimously approved the revised contract with David’s Courage and a closing date will be set in the next 60 days.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked, “If for unforeseen circumstances like what happened with Bowen Center, would this (Shady Rest) come back to the county for a dollar?”  Attorney Clevenger said, “It’s really set up that we have the right-of-first-refusal to take it back.”