Road Closed High WaterThe Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is warning drivers to obey ‘Road Closed’ signs and barricades after witnessing numerous motorists driving around closure warnings on roadways that have been closed due to flooding. On some roadways that remain closed, the high water appears to have receded, but there may be unseen dangers. INDOT Northwest engineers are assessing these roadways for damage and any potential need for repairs following the historic flooding. Drivers disobeying barricades could cause further damage to the road, leading to a longer closure, or could result in injury to drivers or damage to their vehicles if a damaged road fails.

If you see a ‘Road Closed’ sign, it is there for a reason. Driving around signage and barricades, even if you’re simply following another driver who bypassed the warning, puts you at risk for injury, puts the road at risk for potential further damage and could land you a citation from law enforcement.

Current INDOT Northwest Closures Due to High Water/Damage Assessment:


Starke/LaPorte County:

– SR 8, between CR 600W and CR 400W

– SR 39, between US 30 and SR 10

St. Joseph County:

– SR 331, between 9th Rd. and 10th Rd.