County news # 2Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners conducted a public hearing on their desire to re-establish the Cum Bridge rate.  Over the last 14 years the rate in the Cum Bridge fund has decreased, similar to the Cum Cap Development Fund.

The current rate is .0262 per $100 of assessed valuation and the commissioners want to increase the rate to .0524 which would bring in an additional $600,000.  This would give the Cum Bridge Fund a total of $1.2 million.  The Cum Bridge Fund is use solely for the repair and maintenance of the county’s more than 100 bridges.

Last week Commissioner Kurt Garner sought and received the County Council’s support for the increase.  It was noted that the commissioners are not increasing the rate to the state allowed maximum of .12.  Garner said they were only increasing the rate to cover the estimated need.

There were no comments and the commissioner’s suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on all three readings.

The notice of adoption must be advertised in two local newspapers.  After that notice, a 30 day remonstrance period begins for taxpayers.  The County Auditor, on behalf of the County, must submit the proposed new rate and all the necessary documents to the Department of Local Government Finance on or before the April 30th deadline.  The new rate will go into effect for 2018 payable in 2019.