2B Road Drainage 3-19-18Monday morning the Marshall County Drainage board heard County Surveyor Craig Cultice discuss the revised construction route for the 2B Road drain project in German Township.

The drainage board has been looking at this project for several months.  Last month the Drainage Board approved the option to install a 30 inch tile across the Robert Bowen and Christopher Waidner property.  The project was estimated to cost $32,562 and the maintenance assessment would be established at $10 per acre with a minimum assessment of $15.

After speaking with property owners Bowen and Waidner it was learned that the piece of property where the Drainage Board planned to place the tile is for sale and putting the tile through the middle of the property would have a negative effect on the value of the lot.

Monday morning Surveyor Cultice said he revised the route moving it closer to the adjoining property line since the property owners weren’t happy with the initial design.  The new design has increased the estimated cost up to $40,602.

There are 96 acres that will benefit from the project.

A public hearing will be held on the project at the April Drainage Board meeting.