Bourbon Town Council Webelos2018Three members of Webelo II Pack 254 in Bourbon have earned their Arrow of Light and will now move on to a Boy Scout Troop. The Arrow of Light in the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

Cub Scout leader Laurie Lemler said scouts were excited about the field trip and especially getting to sit in the Council chairs.

Their last task was to meet with a government leader and learn about his/her role in the community.

Bourbon Town Council President, Les McFarland invited the scouts to the council chambers to give them an idea of how the town government works as well as leet them ask questions that completed their Building a Better World requirement.

McFarland spoke about the role of each council member, how the process works, how to get voted in to a position, and the importance of the president and the job duties.

Carol Anders Correspondent