City NEwsMonday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for Spring Road Surface treatment projects and the Street and Sidewalk projects.

City Engineer Rick Gaul told the board they attempted to solicit bids from six companies for the surface treatment but were only able to contact five companies.   Only one company submitted a bid for the micro-surface project on Webster Avenue from Michigan to Angle Streets and on Randolph Street from Jefferson Street to the Yellow River Bridge.  Pavement Solutions of Middletown, IN bid $240,788.98 on the surface treatment projects. 

Five companies submitted bids for the Spring Street and Sidewalk projects.  The two projects are mill and fills: Liberty Street from Webster Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue and on Center Street from Jefferson to Monroe Streets.   

E & B Paving from Rochester bid $178,607.36

Niblock Excavating from Bristol bid $180,000

Phend & Brown Inc. from Milford bid $187,911.20

Reith Riley Construction from South Bend, $161,975.26 and Walsh & Kelly Inc. from South Bend bid $157,829.40. 

Gaul asked the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety to allow him to review the bids and select the lowest and most responsive bid prior to the next meeting on March 26th due to the fact that the deadline for submitting to INDOT for Community Crossings funds is April 15th.  The board approved his request.