Marshall County Health Department logoOn March 5, Marshall County Health Department Administrator, Christine Stinson, briefed the Marshall County Commissioners on the status of preventive measures being offered following the flooding conditions that lead to a Declaration of Emergency throughout the county.

Stinson said they have administered over 100 tetanus shots and have another 100 doses available for county residents.

After the commissioners meeting Stinson said those working on flood areas need a tetanus vaccine if they have not had a booster within the last ten years. She said, “Flood water is highly polluted and could contain sewage, viruses, and more.” The Health Department will administer the vaccines at no cost.

If residents do not know if their tetanus vaccines are up to date, they can contact the Health Department at 935-8565, option 1 and information can be found through the state databank.

A second concern is the safety of well water. Stinson said there have been 11 Indiana counties seeking water testing and they have temporarily run out of water testing bottles. Until water can be tested, Stinson said drinking water should be boiled for a minimum of three minutes.

Once testing bottles become available, testing of flood related well water will be available at no cost. Stinson said there will be sites throughout the county to obtain and return samples.

Stinson said they will issue press releases and post a notice on their Facebook site when they receive bottles.

There are also private laboratories that residents can use for testing; however, residents would have to pay these laboratories and would not be reimbursed for the expense.

Wells should be disinfected as well. Instructions for proper disinfecting can be obtained by calling the Health Department.

Carol Anders Correspondent