32 inmates at the Starke County Jail will be getting a month long Class in gardening that started Monday from Starke County Purdue Extension Office with Phil Woolery leading the instruction.

StarkeCounty_Gardening_2The classes teach Agriculture, Horticulture and more to inmates who are part of the F.A.R.M (Focusing a Recovery Mindset) Program at the Starke County Jail.

StarkeCounty_Gardening_3The goal is to give the inmates an opportunity to learn a skill set they can use when they return to the community. As of Monday’s date the F.A.R.M program coupled with the Substance Abuse Program currently has 78 graduates not counting the current class, 9 out of that 78 have re-offended with a 15% recidivism which is TREMENDOUSLY lower than the National average of 67%.