County BuildingThe Marshall County Commissioners and the County Drainage Board will meet Monday morning in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.

At 8:30 the Drainage Board will continue the discussion of a private tile drainage issue on 2B Road in German Township.  Last month three options were presented by the County Surveyor.  Members of the drainage board wanted time to review their options which could also include a fourth option of doing nothing since the issue is with a private tile.

Also on their agenda is the 2018 Maintenance Assessment Collections report.

The Commissioners will meet at 9:30.  Their agenda includes the 2018 proposed Road Plan by Jason Peters from the County Highway Department, quarterly report from the County Museum from Linda Rippy and a request to nominate a member to the Board of Health by Christine Stinson.

Also on the agenda of the Commissioners meeting is a presentation of drone flights by Eric Read, the County Attorney’s Report, Auditor’s Report and Commissioner Items.

The public is welcome to attend these public meetings.  Questions and comments are always welcome.