Senator Randy Head 2017Last week, the Indiana General Assembly reached its halfway point. This means the Senate and House of Representatives will now consider legislation passed by the opposite chamber.

State Senator Randy Head highlighted some of the senate bills that are moving forward:

  • Senate Bill 50 would help skill up Indiana’s workforce by expanding financial aid for job-training programs and streamlining the state’s workforce-development efforts.
  • Senate Bill 99 would improve our civil forfeiture laws by modifying them to create a better balance between law-enforcement needs and property owners’ Constitutional rights.
  • Senate Bill 172 would require each Indiana K-12 school to teach computer science by 2021.
  • Senate Bill 177 would adjust our diploma system to provide more pathways to graduate.
  • Senate Bill 189 would increase school funding to account for a higher than expected enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Senate Bill 221 would require doctors to check INSPECT, Indiana’s prescription-monitoring service, when prescribing opioids to patients.


Senator Head said, “We have accomplished a lot in the first half of session, and now it is time to turn the tables and begin considering legislation authored by my colleagues in the House.”

To view a list of bills in both chambers, click here.