Republican-DemocrateThe candidates for the 2018 Primary Election on May 8th have been set.  Candidates had until noon on Friday, February 9th to file their intentions.  Here is a complete listing of candidates that will be on the Republican and Democratic ballots.

Superior Court I Judge – Robert Bowen, Republican, incumbent

Prosecuting Attorney – E. Nelson Chipman, Republican, incumbent

Clerk of the Courts – Debbie VanDeMark, Republican, incumbent

County Auditor – Julie Fox, Republican, incumbent

*County Recorder – Janet Howard, Republican; Anna Breeding, Republican; and Bill Cleavenger, Republican

County Sheriff – Matthew Hassel, Republican, incumbent

County Assessor – Debra Dunning, Republican, incumbent

*County Commissioner Dist. 1 – David Hostetler, Republican; Stan Klotz, Republican; Kurt Garner, Republican, incumbent and Richard Erickson II, Democrat

*County Council Dist. 2 – Bill Githens, Republican, incumbent; Mandy Campbell, Republican and Martin Oosterbaan, Democrat

*County Council Dist. 3 – Jack Roose, Republican; Ralph Booker, Republican

County Council Dist. 4 – Judith Stone, Republican, incumbent and Angie Rupchock-Shafer, Democrat

Bourbon Township Trustee – Ryan Schori Democrat

Bourbon Township Board – Kris Berger, Republican, incumbent

Center Township Trustee – Any Knapp, Republican and Jim Smart, Democrat

Center Township Board (3 seats) – Jim Baldwin, Republican, incumbent; Keith Hammonds, Republican, incumbent; Bruce Knapp, Republican, incumbent and Nathan Crawford, Democrat

German Township Trustee – Ben Baker, Republican, incumbent

German Township Board (3 seats) – Robert Huff, Republican, incumbent; Jonathon Monhaut, Republican, incumbent; Donald Meister, Republican, incumbent

Green Township Trustee – Marie Fishburn, Republican, incumbent

Green Township Board – James Fishburn, Republican, incumbent

North Township Trustee – Chelsea Smith, Republican, incumbent

*North Township Board (3 seats) – Ronnie McCartney, Democrat, incumbent; James Berger, Democrat; Angela Huff, Democrat; Steve Davenport, Democrat, incumbent

Polk Township Trustee – Jerry Lamb, Republican, incumbent

Polk Township Board (3 seats) – Jack Preston II, Republican; Richard Parker, Republican, incumbent, John Einhorn, Republican, incumbent

Tippecanoe Township Trustee – Matthew Pitney, Republican, incumbent

*Union Township Trustee – Marlene Morrison Mahler, Republican; Bruce Snyder, Republican

Union Township Board (3 seats) – Terri Jo Morrison Hinds, Republican, incumbent; Michael Overmyer, Republican, incumbent; Shirley Snyder, Republican, incumbent; and Tracy Fox, Democrat

Walnut Township Trustee – Stephen Wilhelm, Republican, incumbent

Walnut Township Board (3 seats) – David Stults, Republican, incumbent; Kenneth Dowdle, Republican, incumbent; Joseph Stone, Republican, incumbent

West Township Trustee – Terry Borggren, Republican, incumbent and Greg Freshour, Democrat

West Township Board (3 seats) – Danny Bates, Republican, incumbent; Thomas Flynn, Republican, incumbent; Dennis Beville, Republican, incumbent

*Argos Town Council (2 seats) – Suzanne Umbaugh, Republican, incumbent; Edward Barcus, Republican; George Null, Republican, incumbent

#Bourbon Town Council – Les McFarland, Republican, incumbent; Jordan Fuller Republican.  Candidate selected by town convention in August.

Culver Town Council (2 seats) – Dave Beggs, Republican, incumbent; Sally Ricciardi, Republican, incumbent and Richard West, Democrat

* denotes primary race