Travel advisory“Advisory” Level Travel Advisory Implemented due to Winter Storm

An “Advisory” level travel advisory has been implemented due to the approaching winter storm. Roads will become snow covered, slick and hazardous as the storm begins to intensify.

An “Advisory” level travel advisory is the lowest level in the county advisory system. It means that routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of a hazardous situation.  Individuals should use caution or avoid those areas.

The Marshall County Commissioners will continue to evaluate road conditions as the storm progresses and may need to upgrade the advisory status at some point in the future.
Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Marshall County EMA Director Clyde Avery said, “We also encourage you to put together and carry an emergency kit in your vehicle which should include: blankets, or heavy clothing, jumper cables, flashlight with extra batteries, cell phone with car charger, a bag of kitty litter, small shovel, boots, hats and gloves etc.”