Marshall County Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt gave the County Commissioners his year-end report this week.  He said, “There’s a lot of construction going on out there.”  In fact, DeWitt said at any one time he could have 200 to 250 open projects going on at the same time.

The 2017 report showed 815 building permits being issued, the most the county has ever issued and they have an estimated construction value of $53.5 million.

DeWitt also presented office income from the past three years.  In 2015 $78,610 was raised through hearing fees, subdivision fees, contractor registrations and town collections.  In 2016 just over $90,000 was raised and last year the income increased to $105,807.

The Building Inspector noted that in 2015 there were 153 registered contractors and last year that number increased to 550.