Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Corporation will see an annual savings of $44,748 by changing internet providers. According to Chief Technology Director Bruce Johnson, the current contract with ENA will expire in June. Johnson explained that schools are now able to accept bids for services that had been covered by the state.

Johnson said the low bid from Windstream of $1,791 per month will mean no difference in service levels since ENA had subleased to Windstream currently. The School Board voted unanimously during the February 6 meeting to enter into a three-year contract for internet services and a five-year contract for WAN services (wide area network). The WAN portion allows connections throughout the schools network.

Other bids included: ENA $2080 monthly; Unite, $3,075 monthly; and Maple Net, 2,060 monthly.

Johnson said there is an additional one-time fee of $120 for public access.

Carol Anders Correspondent