4-HA grant seeking $500,000 from OCRA (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) will be submitted later this week in hopes of the Marshall County 4-H Fair Board building a multi-purpose building on the fairgrounds in Argos.

On Monday, ShannonMcLeod from Priority Project Resources appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners and reviewed the grant application paperwork.

One of the changes to the grant application was the way the local match of $300,000 will be funded.  The 4-H Fair Board has $55,000 in cash and a $30,000 from the Marshall County Community Foundation. In the previous grant application the board has secured a $215,000 bank loan. The new application shows the county contributing the $215,000 to the project.  This one time donation will replace the annual donation of $24,000 if the grant is successful.

McLeod said the grant award will be announced in April.  If the 4-H Fair Board is awarded the grant the county’s donation of $215,000 won’t be needed until 2019.

The commissioners authorized Kevin Overmyer, President of the Commissioners to sign the application.