shady-rest-homeThe Marshall County Commissioners took the first step in moving forward with David’s Courage moving into the Shady Rest facility.

During Monday’s commissioner meeting, Commissioner Kurt Garner and chairman of the Shady Rest Advisory Committee reminded the other two commissions of its creation.   In August a committee of 8 was created to silicate proposals for the use of the facility and 4 were received with 2 being local and very similar programs.  The committee asked the two; Gregg Erickson and Ted Hayden to work together on a project and that was the start of David’s Courage.

He talked about the public hearing in mid January that was before a packed house and then last Thursday’s meeting were more than 60 people attended to voice thoughts, concerns and support.  Following that meeting the advisory committee voted to send David’s Courage on to the commissioner with a favorable recommendation.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer offered an alternative to using the Shady Rest facility.  He said, “I understand the need that this community, this county has to help people.”  He went on to say, “I’m all in favor of putting something together and helping you guys make it successful.  I think, we either help you guys now and stop this cycle or we pay for it at a later date, rather through the courts, jail, probation and even in some cases through the coroner’s office.”

Overmyer suggested getting two appraisals for the Shady Rest facility and set a floor price to sell the property through a bid process.  He would then use those funds and additional funding through the special CAGIT to build a new facility out front of the Marshall County Jail.  The commissioner said, “If we put something up that is brand new, on a slab that has new heat, new air conditioning, new facilities.  I just have concerns about the cost and the investment you guys are going to have to make for this program out there at Shady Rest.”  He also noted that the property has city water and sewer.

Overmyer suggested incorporating the facility with the jail allowing David’s Courage to operate the facility.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said he was in favor of moving forward with a transfer of deed, just like the Bowen Center.   Garner said he had a few concerns with the county building a building when they already had a facility.  He suggested David’s Courage look into an OCRA grant, like Bowen Center did if there is a need for improvements.  He also indicated that the county might help if a match was needed.

Commissioner Mike Delp voiced his support for moving forward with the Shady Rest project and David’s Courage.  He said, “I feel we need to move forward.  It’s certainly going to be 12 to 18 months before we could work through a new building and I’m not sure it would have enough beds.”

Garner suggested doing a transfer of the deed to Shady Rest for $1.00 with a stipulation that it would come back to the county if the program did not succeed.

The commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with an agreement to allow David’s Courage to use the Shady Rest facility.  The County Attorney and Commissioner Garner will begin creating an agreement for the transfer ownership of the property to David’s Courage.