Marshall County Health Department logoThe Marshall County Health Board had their quarterly meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 30th at 6:45 in the Community Room of the Community Resource Center.

New board member, Sandy Reed was introduced.  She and Dr. Miller were the only two board members who showed up for the meeting along with Health Officer Dr. Byron Holm and Administrator Christine Stinson.

Since there weren’t enough members present for a quorum the meeting could not be called although there was a resident in attendance who was seeking approval of a special septic system.

The Cook Lake Trail property owner would like to upgrade his septic system because the use of the system by the tenants occupying the home last year required the septic to be pumped twice in one year.

Lake lots are typically compact not having enough room to replace the field in a new location and still stay within the setback regulations.

The property owner would like to install a line-sand system which requires an operational permit of maintenance, meaning the system will have to be checked by a certified company each year.

The Health Board could not take any action on the request but those in attendance looked favorable at the option.

Administrator Christine Stinson said they would have to each request on a case by case basis.