Jana's_Indy_1st Place Bronze TeamJana’s Gymnastics competitive teams competed at the Judges Cup in Indianapolis on January 27th.  Jana’s Bronze team bested 12 teams to come home champions with a team score of 112.225.

Jana's_Indy_7th Place Silver TeamJana’s Silver team earned a 7th place finish out of 12 teams with a team score of 109.075.

Jana's_Indy_1st Place Gold Team (1)Jana’s Gold team also earned 1st place out of 12 teams with a team score of 110.9.

Jana’s Gymnastics will travel to Mishawaka next weekend to compete in the Time to Shine meet and then travel to Chicago the weekend after that to compete in the Chicago Style Gymnastics Meet at Navy Pier in Chicago.  Jana’s Gymnastics will be treated to special awards ceremonies where the awards will be presented by Olympians including Laurie Hernandez (2016 Olympian Gold Medalist)


Photo 1:  1st Place Bronze Team Members Pictured are: Row 1 – Izzy Rettinger, Kylie Haselby, Alanna Meersman, Jaime Prater, Jenna Blake, Lila Hanyzewski, Susie Everett, Cailyn Flores.  Row 2- Daniela Moreno, Piper Frank, Elsaya Bohm, Joy Everett, Eleanor Brashere, 

Photo 2:  7th Place Silver Team Members Pictured are: Row 1 – Jocelyn Roberts, Aubrey Geller, Damaris Aguilar, Nora Guseilla, Mia Krathwohl. Row 2 – Maddy Brouyette, Alissa Kessler, Alexis Finke, Helen Guseilla.

Photo 3:  1st Place Gold Team Members Pictured are: Row 1 – Briley Lowe, Camryn Haskins, Jersey Hunter, Jaelyn McGrath, McKenna Lowe. Row 2 – Kasi Harner, Klara Guseilla, Dorothy Karris, Tessa Hutchinson.