TritonHighSchool_Spirometer_2Triton High School students used a spirometer to measure their lung capacity in Mrs. Jackson’s Human Body Systems Class. A spirometer would be used by an asthma specialist to test an asthmatics lung capacity.

Triton Scholars were given a patients record and had to figure out what was wrong with their breathing based on the data. This week they use the provided information to read prescriptions.

TritonHighSchool_spirometer_1Thank you Mrs. Jackson for providing Triton students with practical learning experiences to tap into their passions and make them ready to change the world!
Pictured: Bobby Smith, Helen Lemler, Alicia Baker, and Kayla Meeks


Triton Elementary School would like to thank First Source Bank for their investment in the student’s digital learning.


On January 8th teachers received new iPads for their classrooms and began carefully selecting appropriate apps to download content to supplement their already stellar instruction.


All K and 1st grade classrooms are utilizing the iPads as part of their daily instruction/practice.  The implementation will continue to grow as teachers locate additional tools to enhance learning.  Students and teachers couldn’t be happier!


Attached are some pictures of students using the iPads.  One attachment is a PowerPoint, and the other is the same presentation just as a PDF.