Area wrestlers moving on to regional rounds
PLYMOUTH – A big day of wrestling at Plymouth ended with sectional champions being crowned in individual weight classes and a team champion moving on in the tournament.
Wawasee took the team title getting past Plymouth 285.5 points to 217. CMA came in third with a team score of 202.
Individually Plymouth and CMA each had three weight class champions. Plymouth champs were Gavin Banks, Graham Calhoun and Nate LaFree. CMA winners were Manzona Bryant, Adam Davis and Michael Boland. Triton had two class champs in D’Angelo Shumpert and James Snyder. LaVille’s Alex Cartwright and Bremen’s Dylan Deadmond rounded out the area’s sectional champs.
Regional rounds will be at Penn High School starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday.
Team scores:
1 Wawasee 285.5
2 Plymouth 217.0
3 Culver Academies 202.0
4 Triton 146.0
5 LaVille 114.5
6 Warsaw 113.0
7 Tippecanoe Valley 95.0
8 Bremen 43.0
9 Culver Community 31.0

Weight class champions and regional qualifiers:
1st Place Match
Jace Alexander (Wawasee) 35-2, Fr. over Dominic Smith (Plymouth) 26-9, Fr. (Fall 0:39)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jace Alexander of Wawasee
2nd Place – Dominic Smith of Plymouth
3rd Place – Isaiah Owens of Warsaw
4th Place – Matthew Hominiuk of LaVille
5th Place – Haley Hoover of Tippecanoe Valley
6th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
1st Place Match
D`Angelo Shumpert (Triton) 29-4, So. over Ricardo Romo (Wawasee) 26-14, Sr. (Dec 4-3)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – D`Angelo Shumpert of Triton
2nd Place – Ricardo Romo of Wawasee
3rd Place – Jose Martinez of Warsaw
4th Place – Max Howard of Plymouth
5th Place – Haylee Brown of Tippecanoe Valley
6th Place – Riley Stracci of Culver Academies
3rd Place Match
1st Place Match
Chris Schuller (Wawasee) 28-2, Jr. over Alexander Coleman (Culver Academies) 29-8, Jr. (Fall 1:31)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Chris Schuller of Wawasee
2nd Place – Alexander Coleman of Culver Academies
3rd Place – Connor Pitney of Triton
4th Place – Cei Bowen of Plymouth
5th Place – Fernando Niebbia of Warsaw
6th Place – Tyler Wolfe of Bremen
1st Place Match
Braxton Alexander (Wawasee) 34-2, Jr. over Zane DeVault (Plymouth) 35-4, Sr. (MD 13-2)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Braxton Alexander of Wawasee
2nd Place – Zane DeVault of Plymouth
3rd Place – Dawson Leed of LaVille
4th Place – Luis Castillo of Tippecanoe Valley
5th Place – Bryce Coppes of Triton
6th Place – Karl Kubica of Culver Academies
1st Place Match
Manzona Bryant (Culver Academies) 29-0, So. over Geremia Brooks (Wawasee) 31-2, Jr. (Dec 8-5)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Manzona Bryant of Culver Academies
2nd Place – Geremia Brooks of Wawasee
3rd Place – Nate Riggins of Triton
4th Place – Jordan Howard of Plymouth
5th Place – Seth Hoffman of Tippecanoe Valley
6th Place – Ethan Roberts of LaVille
1st Place Match
Adam Davis (Culver Academies) 33-0, Sr. over Garrett Stuckman (Wawasee) 30-6, So. (Fall 1:15)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Adam Davis of Culver Academies
2nd Place – Garrett Stuckman of Wawasee
3rd Place – Nick Felke of LaVille
4th Place – Jacob Eherenman of Tippecanoe Valley
5th Place – Tyler Richey of Plymouth
6th Place – Alejandro Antonio-Cabrera of Triton
1st Place Match
Gavin Banks (Plymouth) 31-8, Sr. over Isiah Faurote (Wawasee) 18-12, So. (Fall 0:56)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gavin Banks of Plymouth
2nd Place – Isiah Faurote of Wawasee
3rd Place – Elijah Pack of Culver Academies
4th Place – Jose Grimmett of Warsaw
5th Place – Jordan Owens of Tippecanoe Valley
6th Place – Riley Chickering of Triton
1st Place Match
Graham Calhoun (Plymouth) 39-0, So. over Aaron Brooke (Culver Academies) 27-1, Sr. (Fall 3:54)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Graham Calhoun of Plymouth
2nd Place – Aaron Brooke of Culver Academies
3rd Place – Logan Baugh of Wawasee
4th Place – Jonathan Humes of Tippecanoe Valley
5th Place – Brandon Estepp of Warsaw
6th Place – Ryan Snyder of Triton
1st Place Match
Dylan Deadmond (Bremen) 30-5, Jr. over Gabriel Hissong (Culver Academies) 16-4, So. (Fall 1:17)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dylan Deadmond of Bremen
2nd Place – Gabriel Hissong of Culver Academies
3rd Place – Fernando Hernandez of Wawasee
4th Place – Vincent Helton of Triton
5th Place – Kyle Baumgartner of Warsaw
6th Place – Travis Wickizer of LaVille
1st Place Match
James Snyder (Triton) 30-4, Jr. over Jacob Trefren (Culver Academies) 29-2, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – James Snyder of Triton
2nd Place – Jacob Trefren of Culver Academies
3rd Place – Xavier Ortiz of Wawasee
4th Place – Branden Martin of Bremen
5th Place – Isaac Randall of Tippecanoe Valley
6th Place – Trysten VanDerAa of Plymouth
1st Place Match
Michael Boland (Culver Academies) 19-0, Sr. over Alex Castro (Wawasee) 32-4, Jr. (Dec 8-3)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Michael Boland of Culver Academies
2nd Place – Alex Castro of Wawasee
3rd Place – Blake Davis of Plymouth
4th Place – Grayson Drudge of Warsaw
5th Place – Matt Brown of LaVille
6th Place – Joseph Irons of Tippecanoe Valley
1st Place Match
Damien Rodriguez (Wawasee) 31-8, Jr. over Isaac Walters (Culver Community) 25-2, Jr. (Dec 9-6)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Damien Rodriguez of Wawasee
2nd Place – Isaac Walters of Culver Community
3rd Place – Sam Stayton of Plymouth
4th Place – Brock Hueber of Warsaw
5th Place – Ethan Berry of Triton
6th Place – Jouge Esguerra of LaVille
1st Place Match
Nate LaFree (Plymouth) 34-3, Sr. over Anthony Hatter (LaVille) 23-2, Jr. (Fall 3:47)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nate LaFree of Plymouth
2nd Place – Anthony Hatter of LaVille
3rd Place – Dalton Pearish of Wawasee
4th Place – Joseph Kuhl of Culver Academies
5th Place – Zac Ditmire of Culver Community
6th Place – Shelden Rolston of Triton
1st Place Match
Alex Cartwright (LaVille) 25-0, Jr. over Elisha Tipping (Wawasee) 29-2, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Alex Cartwright of LaVille
2nd Place – Elisha Tipping of Wawasee
3rd Place – Dillon Estepp of Warsaw
4th Place – Billy Smith of Triton
5th Place – Kendall Himes of Plymouth
6th Place – Charles Long of Culver Academies