Oliver Ford_PHSBand_DrivenToGiveNov2017Recently, Oliver Ford teamed up with the Plymouth Band Boosters for a “Driven to Give” test driving event and fundraiser with their Lincoln vehicles.  The Lincoln Motor Company website states “at Lincoln, we see ourselves as more than just a car company. We are also members of the communities in which we serve. That’s why we’re excited to provide both dealerships and customers the opportunity to give back.  It’s called Lincoln Driven to Give – a dealership event that raises money for charitable organizations.”

The event and automobiles were sponsored by Oliver Ford in Plymouth and was held in November.  It was a highly successful day with nearly 200 people volunteering to come and test drive a Lincoln vehicle.   “At first, I was amazed at how many people showed up for our event this fall as it was a very chilly day.  We all had a great time test driving the vehicles.  I was amazed at the level of technology that is going into the new cars and trucks,” said Plymouth Band Director Bryan Ames.

The band boosters earned $20 for every person who took a test drive and filled out a survey on the vehicle they drove.  Additionally, anyone who test drove a second vehicle earned the band an extra bonus of $10.  “This event is such a great opportunity for our band boosters.   It is an amazing fundraiser that doesn’t involve our kids going door-to-door selling items while also providing a service to Ford Motor Company,” said Ames.  “We truly appreciate all that Oliver Ford has done for the band program.

Lincoln Motor Company recently completed the event by sending the Plymouth Band Boosters a check for $4,030.00 for the completed test drives.  Through these test drive experiences, Oliver Ford has helped the band program raise over $17,000 since 2010.  “We truly appreciate the entire Oliver Ford family for their support of the kids in our band programs in the Plymouth schools,” said Ames.

Congratulations to the Plymouth Band on a successful event and thank you to Oliver Ford for supporting Plymouth Community Schools.