Plymouth Color Logo2014The City of Plymouth will cancel 13 checks that were written in 2015 and have not been cancelled.

During Monday evening’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver presented the board with the list of outstanding warrants (checks) from 2015 that have not been cashed.

The total amount is $434.53.  She noted that all of the checks were for refunded customer water deposits.  The smallest check was in the amount of $1.07 while the largest was $162.32.

Board members did question if the Clerk’s Office tries to contact those on the list, noting that Alex Home Medical had a check in the amount of $88.27.

Xaver said state law does not require them to seek out those individuals or businesses.  She also told them state law requires unpaid warrants for 2 or more years to be cancelled by March 1st.  The action required no action by the Board of Public Works and Safety.