science fairThree groups of Lincoln Junior High School seventh grade students who placed top of the class at the sixth annual LJHS Science Fair on Wednesday, January 17th will soon be heading to the University of Notre Dame to compete for the opportunity to earn scholarships and discipline related recognition for their hard work and creativity.

LJHS seventh grade science teachers selected the top 25 groups from their classes to present projects at the fair last week. Out of the 25, judges identified the three highest scoring projects in four categories: scientific method, scientific research, presentation, and creativity. The authors of the top three projects now have the opportunity to attend the Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at the University of Notre Dame this March.

LJF_ScienceFair_1_2017LJHS judges gave the top score of the night to science project “Turn that Brown Upside Down” by students Kasi Harner and Elaina McDonald, who studied the use of acids to prevent the oxidation of apples.

LJH_ScienceFair_2_2017In the second place, “Milk on the Moove” by students Lauren Manges and Emma Rozycki tested the fat content in whole, 2%, and skim milk using soap. They cited brand honesty as the motivation behind their experiment.

LJH_scienceFair_3_2018Third place was awarded to students Joana Jurado and Emily Hernandez who used various reactions to blow up balloons. Different reactions produced different amounts of gas available to blow up their balloons.