County news # 2The Marshall County Drainage Board discussed three options to solve an issue with a private drain on 2B Road at Donnybrook during their meeting last week.

In the December meeting Chris Waidner petitioned for the construction of a new drain since the old one is under his garage and beginning to breakdown in his yard causing holes.  Waidner provided an exhibit of the site map, a potential solution regarding the removal of the existing drain; location of a new drain and restoration.

Researching the project found no record of the drain or the two inlets.

Last week County Surveyor Craig Cultice presented the drainage board with three options ranging in cost from $20,000 up to $75,000.  Cultice then recommended option one for $20,000 the shortest route and cheapest fix. This option also would make it a regulated drain using the private pond as the drain.

Drainage Board member Mike Delp suggested the longest route and most expensive alternative saying that once the repair was made the drain would not be the responsibility of the county.

The County Surveyor said there are a total of 93 acres including the road in the watershed.

The issue was tabled so more information can be obtained from the property owners of the pond.