Republican-DemocrateRepublican candidates continue to fill for county offices, township trustee seats, township board seats and as delegates to the state convention.

Newest filings include E. Nelson Chipman for Prosecuting Attorney, Heath Thornton for County Council District 1, Amy Knapp for Center Township Trustee, Keith Hammonds for Center Township Board, Ben Baker for German Township Trustee, Jonathon Monhaut for German Township Board, Chelsea Smith for North Township Trustee, Richard Parker for the Polk Township Board, Matthew Pitney for Tippecanoe Township Trustee, Terri Jo Morrison Hinds for Union Township Board and Danny Bates for West Township Board.

Heath Thornton also filed as a State Convention Delegate along with Kevin Overmyer.

On the democratic side of things, Ronnie McCartney filed for North Township Board.