County News # 1Last week the Marshall County Commissioners had a busy meeting but many of the items they attended to were minor, including approval of the annual Microvote maintenance agreement.  County Clerk, Deb VanDeMark said the agreement is the same as in the past, $12,000 annually.

Sheriff Matt Hassel requested out-of-state travel and training for one officer to attend the National Interdiction Conference in Denver, Colorado April 29th through May 4th.  The Prosecutor’s Office will pay for the cost of the training and the sheriff will pay his hourly rate while he is at the training. The sheriff explained, “This is part of the grant the Town of Bremen has secured and we participate in it along with several other agencies both in Marshall County and Starke County.”  The Commissioners unanimously approved the request.

Marshall County Treasurer Angie Birchmeier was also granted permission to enter into a tax billing contract with Worrell Corp. for print and mail the property tax bills. She said cost of the contract was down $269.16 for printing and $.13 for postage.

The Commissioners also approved an out-of-state travel and training request for the Health Department.  The 5 day training is a radiological preparedness course in Berrien, MI on February 6th & 7th and March 20th thru 22nd.

The classes will cover fallout procedures from the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, MI.

Director Christine Stinson said she and the newly hired Emergency Preparedness Coordinator to attend.