City HallLast week Tyler Kelsey from RQAW gave members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission and update on the City Hall Renovation Project.

Demolition work was 95% complete with just a couple of areas of masonry work that needed to be cut out for the new floor plans.  He said about 50% of the new stud wall framing is complete and the 75% of the second floor heating and cooling system has been installed with 30% to 35% on the main floor HVAC completed.

Kelsey said the project is “progressing pretty well.”  He continued, “It’s been somewhat of a challenging project,” noting the age of the buildings and connecting the Chamber Building to City Hall upstairs.

Kelsey explained some of the charges against the allowances saying that a total of $96,416 has not been utilized.

There was a $100,000 contingency built into the project and to date they have approved $76,307 so there is $23,693 remaining.  The project had budgeted $50,000 for asbestos abatement and lead paint removal.  The actual cost was $32,177 leaving $17,823 available.  There was also an allowance for the safe investigation of $51,000 for demolition around the safe, repair, building back and polishing. There is $14,900 remaining in that budget line item too.  The final budgeted allowance of $15,000 is on the chamber building exterior and signage allowance. At this time they don’t anticipate that budget being fully used.

Time line on the project is on schedule but the contractor for the elevator foundation has asked for an extension due to unsuitable soils and the contractor for a steal beam installation has slowed the project.

Kelsey said, “We still have 6 months left going into this. I’m hopeful and optimistic we can still meet the date.”