Boys Hoop Shoot2017Plymouth Elks Lodge 2548 held its local Hoop Shoot contest on Sunday, Dec 3, 2017.  The winners in each age category advanced to the District Hoop Shoot Contest.  The winners from the Local Hoop Shoot are:

8-9 boys – Noah Ambrose         8-9 girls – Kyndall Marcum

10-11 boys – Avery Rivera         10-11 girls – Taylor Hauptmann

12-13 boys – Nolan Bales           12-13 girls – Ellie Jones

The Elks District Hoop Shoot competition was held at John Adams High School, on Saturday, January 13.  There were four representatives from Plymouth competing: Noah Ambrose, 8-9 year old boy; Avery Rivera, 10-11 year old boy; Nolan Bales, 12-13 year old boy; Taylor Hauptmann, 10-11 year old girl.

Avery and Taylor placed as runner-up in their respective age groups and Nolan was 1st Place with a perfect score of 25-25 free throws!!!  Nolan will advance to the Elks State Hoop Shoot contest on February 24 at New Castle High School.

Elks Girls Hoop Shoot2017Congratulations to all of the contestants and families.  Plymouth Elks Lodge 2548 was well represented wearing Plymouth Go Big Red!!!.

The Elks Hoop Shoot program Free Throw program is build on three characteristics:  Compete.  Connect.  Succeed.  The program provides a character-building, competitive experience for all contestants.  Contestants learn about the importance of respect and good sportsmanship.  They learn to be humble after a successful win and are prepared to accept defeat gracefully.  Through each level of competition, the contestants support one another.  Family members travel with the contestants to every competition and share the experience together.  Through healthy competition and practice, contestants develop grit that aids in achieving success in school and life.

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Picture #1 :  Avery Rivera, 10-11 boy runner-up , Noah Ambrose, 8-9 boy participant, Nolan Bales, 12-13 boy – 1st place

Picture #2:  Taylor Hauptmann, 10-11 girl runner-up