Finance MeetingMembers of the Marshall County Board of Finance, Commissioners Kurt Garner and Kevin Overmyer and County Treasurer Angie Birchmeier meet Tuesday morning, January 16th for reorganization.

The board voted to retain the same officers; Kurt Garner as President, Kevin Overmyer as Vice President and Angie Birchmeier Secretary.  Commissioner Mike Delp will continue as a member although he was unable to attend this week’s meeting.

The board approved the outstanding transaction report which shows 9 checks issued in 2015 with a total value of $1,763.30 that have never been cashed.  The board questioned a check to the Plymouth Park Department in the amount of $1,240 that was still outstanding.  They were unable to determine why the county would have written a check to the park department.  Other checks ranged in amount of $4.08 up to $150.  The Board of Finances approved voiding the checks.

Birchmeier presented the interest report and said, “With the renegotiated interest we do go up quite a bit, averaging about $6,000 per month for interest.”   She said the increase was slightly over 10% higher in 2017 than 2016.  Total interest earned in 2016 was $359,886.55 while the earned interest in 2017 was $402,169.26.

The board approved the time table for the Cash Management Contract.  The initial review and approval to advertise will be September 4th 2018.  Requests for Proposals will be due on October 1st   and the determination meeting will be October 15th.