FIre Department buildingPlymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller presented members of the Board of Public Works and Safety with his December Activity report last week.

The Plymouth Fire Department responded to 193 alarm situations.  Those were divided between fire and EMS.  Firefighters was dispatched to 4 structure fires, 2 natural vegetation fires, 2 unintentional system operations, 2 fire calls for steam mistaken as smoke, 1 chemical release, a single combustible leak, 1 fire listed as other, a hazardous condition and one with no release.

Plymouth EMS had a total of 151 emergency medical service incidents and 6 medical assists.

Fire and EMS was dispatched and cancelled en route 16 times in December and responded to 5 false alarms.

Firefighters had a total of 59 hours in training last month.

Looking at incidents by district, the Plymouth Fire Department responded to Bourbon and LaPaz each one time, 17 calls were in Center Township, 29 in West Township and 138 in Plymouth.

EMS did 4 paramedic assists with Walkerton, 2 with LaPaz and I with Argos.