PurdueMasterGardnerMarshall County Extension Office offers an excellent Master Gardener Intern Class to help gardeners expand their knowledge and skills. This class provides the educational class hours needed for an individual to become a certified Purdue University Master Gardener. The class will start on Monday evening, January 29. We will have seventeen sessions mainly held on Monday evenings and some Thursday evenings. The class series will conclude on April 25.

The class series will be held at the Marshall County Extension Office, Room 304 Marshall County Building, 112 W. Jefferson Street, Plymouth, IN 46563.

The purpose of the Purdue Master Gardener Program is to spread horticulture knowledge throughout our community by providing quality horticulture education to garden enthusiasts.

According to Bob Yoder, Marshall County Extension Educator, a positive aspect of the intern class is gardeners getting to spend time together, developing new friendships, and swapping gardening information among themselves. The seventeen class series will provide educational presentations on plant science, soil science, plant nutrition, insect, disease, weed identification and control options, woody ornamentals, herbaceous ornamentals, fruit and vegetable production, pesticide safety, basic organic production options, lawn care, and basic principles on landscaping and plant propagation.

Once this class is completed and 35 hours of volunteer time are completed, you will become a Purdue Master Gardener and be eligible to be active in our local organization and state and national Master Gardener programs as well.  Participating in this program and being a member of our local organization is a great way for gardeners to make new friends and to further their horticulture knowledge.

The cost of the Marshall County Master Gardener Intern Class is only $125, which includes a $70 reference material, or $200 for a couple willing to share Master Gardener resource handouts. Again, this program will start on Monday evening, January 29. Class size is limited to the first 20 individuals. If you have any questions or to obtain the registration form, call the Marshall County Extension Office at (574) 935-8545, visit our web page at  https://extension.purdue.edu/marshall, or e-mail Robert Yoder at ryoder@purdue.edu.