Bourbon Town Board President Les McFarland said they had a great response to the holiday lighting contest. Town residents could register at the clerk’s office to be included in the contest. The top three winners included Tim Mosher and Cheryl Buckles (1st); Brian and Melissa Claxton (2nd); and Erik and April Sechrist (3rd). Town Attorney Mark Wagner said he and his family really enjoy helping to judge the decorations. Wagner said there were a number of homes nicely decorated that had not been registered.

Although three contractors asked for plans for street work under a Community Crossing Grant, the Town of Bourbon did not receive any bids for the project. Representative from JPR will contact the three contractors to ascertain if there are any issues with the overall plans that need to be addressed.

In other business the Bourbon Town Council members voted unanimously to raise the rental fees for park sections from $25 to $35. There are three sections available. They also approved using a minimum of two hours pay for employees who are called in for emergencies. Those employees are paid at time-and-a-half rate.  Kim Berger, clerk/treasurer, said it would only effect five employees.

Carol Anders Correspondent