City NEwsMembers of the Plymouth Common Council authorized the city attorney to draft a resolution to transfer funds from the Rainy Day Fund to the Greenway Trail Project Fund in anticipation of the bid letting for phase II.

Monday evening Plymouth Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said the bid letting is set for February and construction will begin in the spring.  The city must pay their share for, 20% in full, up front to the state for construction prior to construction commencing.  That 20% cost is estimated to be $188,000 while the construction engineering costs with SEH is $141,208 and must be paid in full, up front by the city and then reimbursed the 20% by the state.

Xaver estimated the need to transfer $250,000 into the Greenway Trail Project Fund from the Rainy Day Fund.  She said later this year she will do additional appropriations and include this funding in that additional, but until then she needs the $250,000 to cover the city’s costs and keep the fund in the black.

The Common Council approved her recommendation to have the city attorney draft a resolution for the transfer.  It was requested that the transferred funds would be replaced in the Rainy Day Fund when phase II is completed.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter said the third phase of the trail is within River Park Square and commented that the city is looking into doing that project themselves.