City Council MeetingsThe City of Plymouth will conduct their first meetings of the new year on Monday at 6 p.m. in the Conference room of the Plymouth Fire Department.

Agenda for the meeting includes setting meeting dates and times for 2018 along with awarding the 2018 Fuel and Street Supplies.  Department heads will give their reports and the continuation of the discussion of the Plum and Jefferson Street intersection.

At 6:30 the Common Council meeting is scheduled to begin.  They too will set meeting dates and time along with electing a Mayor Pro-Tempore.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi will discuss Central Dispatch with regards to Townships and a change in the Intergovernmental agreement between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for Planning Services.  On this issue the County approved a 3 month agreement with the possibility of a 3 month extension while the city had previously approved a 6 month agreement.

Listed under Other Business is an update from the Promotion of the City Coordinator Laura Mann.

The City meetings are open to the public although comments and questions are limited to agenda items only.