Solid Waste new logoSince 1993, alkaline batteries have been safe to landfill, though Marshall County Solids Waste District Management has chosen to accept them for recycling at the Recycle Depot.

Executive Director, Marianne Peters said Thursday, “In 2018, however, we have decided to join most other Indiana solid waste districts and ask our customers to throw these batteries in regular trash.”  She went on to say, “It takes hours for Depot staff to sort these batteries, time we feel we should be spending on materials that are immediately hazardous.”

Recycle Depot_Alcoline BatteriesPeters reminded customers not to burn alkaline batteries or discard them outside, she said they must go to the landfill for safe disposal.  The Recycle Depot will continue to accept all other batteries for recycling.

Recycle Depot_TiresAnother change for 2018, will be an increased price to drop off car or truck passenger tires to $2.00 per tire. All other tire prices will remain the same. Peters said, “Remember, it’s an additional $3.00 for tires on the rim.”  She also noted that if you have large tractor tires to call ahead so the Recycle Depot can discuss pricing for those materials.