PHS Students of the Month Nov.2017Congratulations to senior Josie Koontz, sophomores Lauren Schumacher, Sarah Tapia and freshman Mia Wojcik for being chosen for the Plymouth High School First Federal Savings Bank students of the month of November. The awards were announced last week during homeroom.

Radio/TV Teacher Judi Lykowski nominated senior Josie Koontz for the senior student of the month of November award. Lykowski said, “I am nominating Josie for her involvement in producing this year’s PHS Veterans Day documentary-style video that was played at this year’s Veterans Day school-wide community assembly. I learned of the project when Josie shared with me the details when I asked what she was working on while she was in my 5th-hour class as a teacher’s assistant. Josie budgeted her time exceptionally well, considering she holds two paid jobs outside of school. There is no doubt that Josie will go far after high school in multimedia no matter where she chooses to go for college or what related profession she enters because she has the drive to accomplish her goals no matter what she has on her plate! Thank you, Josie, for all your hard work in both of my media classes and for being a wonderful teacher’s assistant. You are very much appreciated!

PHS Physical Education Teacher Ben Kain nominated sophomore Lauren Schumacher for the student of the month award. He said, “Lauren is the best behaved student! She is always polite and respectful. The ideas she brings to the table always adds to our class discussions in a positive manner.”

PHS Science Teacher Lori McClellan nominated sophomore Sarah Tapia for the award.  McClellan said, “Sarah always works hard and gives 110%! She also is always willing to help others!

All four students received a $10 gift card to the restaurant of their choice courtesy of First Federal Savings Bank.