Rees Theatre logoThe REES Project Committee is looking for your favorite story or stories of your hometown theatre.  Through the month of January we are seeking from all ages, for that all-time best, Emmy Award winning story that you remember about The REES.  This story does not even have to be that of your own, it may have been a grandparent, parent, brother, sister or classmates story.  It may be one of an equipment glitch, a reprimand or Love Story. (PG-13 versions only please)
Submitting your story before February 1st 2018 will make you eligible to win a single re-conditioned and platform mounted theatre seat for immediate use in your home, dorm or business.  Who knows, your story may just become the next premier showing at the soon to be restored REES.

We will continue to receive stories throughout 2018.  The project committee is planning to produce a souvenir 80th Anniversary of The REES, booklet featuring these stories and history highlights.  With permission along the way, these stories will be shared on The REES website and Facebook page.   Please submit your story either on The REES Facebook page, by email to:<> or by mail or in person to:  The Marshall County Historical Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN  46563.