County News # 1While the Marshall County Commissioners made their 2018 department head appointments, the motion was made to leave the Highway Administration position unfilled at this time.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said they received three applications for the highway position and interviewed two of the candidates.  He then said the position was offered to one of the candidates but it was declined and they did not intend to offer it to the other candidate.

Garner said they are considering re-advertisement of the position but it’s believed that additional funding is needed for the position since the commissioners did not approve filling the vacant clerk position with a full-time person.  Instead it was recommended to fill the position with part-time help at this time.

The commissioners did appoint Pam Schweizer-Betz as the Veterans Service Officer, Michael Marshal as the IT Director, Doug Masterson Supervisor of Building and Grounds for the Court House, County Building and Museum and Gary Masterson Head of Maintenance for the County Jail, Clyde Avery EMA Director, Chuck DeWitt Building Inspector, Jerry Huss Weights and Measures Inspector and Jim Clevenger County Attorney.

Jason Peters was appointed Supervisor of County Highways by Commissioner Kurt Garner who said, “I’ll make a motion that we reappoint Jason as Supervisor of County Highways understanding there may be some changes out there both with his job description and how the structure is later on in 2018.”

The Commissioner unanimously approved the 2018 appointments.