Plymouth Color Logo2014Wednesday evening the Plymouth Common Council approved their appointment of Billy Ellinger and Mike Miley to one-year-terms on the Redevelopment Commission.

Members also unanimously approve Mayor Mark Senter’s appointments for 2018.   Those appointments included Ken Houin and Joe Mersch to 4-year-terms on the Aviation Board; Robert Listenberger to a 4-year-term on the Plymouth Park Board; Art Jacobs to a 4-year-term on the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals; Dan Tyree, Tom Pedavoil and Nancy Felde to 1-year-terms on the Redevelopment Commission; Vida Creed to a 1-year-term on the County Alcoholic Beverage Commission; and Mike Miley, Mike Delp and Duane Culp to 2-year-terms on the Historic Preservation Commission.