Safe Routes to School ProjectPlymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt asked the Board of Public Works and Safety to approve Mayor Mark Senter signing paperwork to finalize the Safe Routes to School Project.

The project along Baker Street from Randolph Street to Riverside Intermediate School was completed late in the fall.  A walkthrough with the contractor was done in early December and the punch list items have been completed.

The mayor’s signature will allow for the acceptance of the project and close out project.

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved having the mayor complete the paperwork.

LovesMarquardt was also granted approval to place no parking signs on the south side of Gary Drive near Loves Truck Stop.  He said, “The road is designed as three lanes but we have noticed a lot of semis parking along the road and not parking in the lot.”  He said to make it enforceable by police NO PARKING signs must be placed along the south side of the road.

Marquardt said they have also had calls from AO Safety who had concerns with the semi parking on the street.

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved his request.