Plymouth Color Logo2014The City of Plymouth will conduct their last meeting of 2017 on Wednesday, December 27th beginning at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.  Agenda for the meeting includes the opening of bids for 2018 fuel and street supplies, approval of change order # 1 for the 2016 Community Crossings projects with various amounts on the various projects for overages the total increase is $1,369,25 and approval of the contracts for the 2017 Community Crossing Matching Grant projects.

Also listed is a discussion on the intersection of North Plum and West Jefferson Street.  There have been some issues with people parking on the northeast side of Plum Street, making it difficult for driving traffic in the area.  There have been some suggestions to improve traffic flow in the area.

The Common Council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 and will include the council’s appointment of Billy Ellinger and Mike Miley to the Redevelopment Commission.

Mayor Mark Senter will make several appointments during the meeting including Ken Houin and Joe Mersch to 4 year terms on the the Aviation Board, Robert Listenberger to 4 years on the Park Board, Art Jacobs to 4 years on the Board of Zoning Appeals, Dan Tryee, Tom Pedavoli and Nancy Felde each to a 1 year term on the Redevelopment Commission, Vida Creed to 1 year on the County Alcoholic Beverage Commission and Mike Miley, Mike Delp and Duane Culp to 2 year terms on the Historic Preservation Commission.

Clerk Treasurer Jeannie Xaver will also seek permission to make year-end transfers and encumbrances as necessary.

The city meetings are held in the conference room of the Plymouth Fire Department.  Residents are asked to use the south entrances to enter the meeting.