IDHSEarlier this month, Bryan Langley, the Executive Director of Homeland Security for the State of Indiana send a letter to all county commissioners in the state asking for their support as he works to bolster the state’s strategic partnership with EMA Directors.

Langley said in his letter, “I’m writing to you about the critical importance of Emergency Management and what that means to you and the communities you represent.”   He went on to remind them that “all of our communities are susceptible to natural and man-made disasters and we must never think we are immune from such events or incidents.”

The role of Emergency Management and that of the EMA Director is one of the most important programs in the United States, and cannot go unnoticed.

The State Director of Homeland Security asked commissioners to establish and remain connected to their EMA Directors.  Here in Marshall County, Clyde Avery is the EMA Director.  He urged commissioners to stay engaged in weather preparedness and man-made dangers, and the intelligence EMS Directors receive from the state on the risks or threats we face and to be risk averse by leveraging Emergency Management.

For 2018 the state has developed a robust planning, training and workshop sessions and urged county commissioners to attend and support their county EMS Directors.  He said, “When disaster strikes, your response is greatly dependent upon the work of the EMA Director.”