Residents, staff and volunteers were invited to take party in Miller’s Assisted Living Annual Red & Green Party on December 22 in the Oak Hill Café.  Those attending wore their Christmas attire of all red, all green or a combination of red and green.  Winners were then chosen in each category and awarded prizes.  Following the contest delicious snack foods and desserts were shared by staff members.  While every one enjoyed the delicacies, the staff members performed an original version of “The Twelve Day Of Christmas” with words and phrases that pertained to life in the assisted living.


Winners of the Red and Green Party were as follows:

PIC Miller's_Red and Green PArty Residents 2017Residents:  Combination – Jack Kinney, Sr.; Most Green, Peggy Aschinger; and Most Red, Mary Probst.

Miller's_Red & Green Party Staff 2017Staff:  Most Green, Maria Hererra (Dietary Staff); Combination, Angela Rice (Dietary Manager); Most Red, Bethany Andrews (RSD).

Miller's_Red & Green Party Volunteers 2017Volunteers:  Most Red: Susanna Carswell; Combination, Lyn Ward and Lois Evans (a tie), and Most Green, Margaret Flagg.