PHS_Intro_Manufacturing_1_2017For the past nine weeks, students in Joseph Stanley’s Introduction to Manufacturing class at Plymouth High School have been busy making toys. “The particular toy they have been making is a catapult basketball game that you have to score to win. It took the students a full nine weeks to design, prototype, and manufacture,” said Stanley. The second quarter project just wrapped up this week, but a few weeks ago Stanley said his students decided once they were done with the project they’d like to donate the toys to children who are in need.

Stanley said he was pleasantly surprised to hear the feedback and that’s when he stepped in to assist with finding an organization or church that could place the handmade toys in the right hands. “It is great to see the students want to give back during this time of the year. This was the first time I had my Introduction to Manufacturing class make this type of product and the timing just really panned out for the completion to be right before the holidays.”

PHS_intro_Manufacturing_2_2017Stanley contacted Plymouth Wesleyan Church this week and Sandy Hartz stopped by on Monday to accept the donation from the Intro to Manufacturing students. Stanley said in all 17 catapult basketball games were donated to the church. Hartz said they have plenty of families who are perfect candidates to receive the Christmas gift.

The Plymouth High School Introduction to Manufacturing class is an elective course that teaches students about manufacturing in a hands-on way, allowing them to make an assortment of products. Stanley said donating his students’ end products could become something that happens annually, if his future students are interested in doing the same as his students this semester.

Photo 1:

Corbin Slater (12), Felix Vazquez Colores (12), Sandy Hartz (Plymouth Wesleyan Church), Jesse Solis (12)


Photo 2:

Luis Munoz (11), Dallas Fry (10), Matt Ganshorn (11), Isaac Morwood (9), Corbin Slater (12), Alex Weiss (11), Felix Vazquez Colores (12), Michael Boyd (10), Jesse Solis (12)