County News_logoMonday morning the Marshall County Commissioners discussed the Intergovernmental agreement between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for planning services.

County Plan Director, Ralph Booker told the commissioners he plans to retire on July 1st so the agreement will be for 6 months, from January 1, 2018 until June 30, 2018.

Booker said he conducts the public hearing for the City of Plymouth and answer questions that may come up on a day by day basis.

The county will be paid $3994 for the services rendered by Booker to the city.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked about the request made to the County Council last week for a part time position to handle zoning violations.

Stan Klotz, President of the Plan Commissioner said the current job description does not include a signed contract for Booker to offer services to Plymouth.  He said he was neither in-favor of or against the contract.

Booker said the job description says he provides services to the city and towns in Marshall County, noting that he provides services and takes calls from all the other towns in the county without any cost to them.  He said the county’s plan department is tired into the other towns in the county because we do their building permits.

Commissioner Mike Delp said he was in favor of the agreement as presented.  He said, “If we say no to Plymouth then we need to say no to everybody else.”  He motioned to approved the agreement but Commissioner Kurt Garner said he wouldn’t second the motion.

Garner said, “When I hear that things aren’t being done, I’m not seeing it.  I think you are following through on those things brought to your attention.”  He continued, “I don’t see the evidence of you not doing what you are suppose to do.”

Garner suggested approving the agreement for the first quarter of the year and then see how things are progressing the end of March.  He said, “If there is evidence you’re not following through on code enforcement in a way that is logical and obviously sending some things to the courts, in the second quarter not fulfill the contract.”

The motion to approve the intergovernmental agreement for 3 months was approved by a 2 to 1 vote with Commissioner Kevin Overmyer voting no on the agreement.

Overmyer then suggested the county begin the process of looking for a new director and begin the advertising for Booker’s position.